Biden Announces Offshore Wind Project in Philadelphia

President Joe Biden visited Philadelphia on Thursday to promote clean energy and announce a new project for city workers. The focus of Biden’s visit was offshore wind generation and its potential to create job opportunities.

During his visit to the Philly Shipyard, Biden announced that they will be building a first-of-its-kind ship called The Acadia, which will support offshore wind generation. The ship will be responsible for placing heavy rocks at the base of offshore wind projects to stabilize them and protect against erosion.

This announcement is part of Biden’s broader goal to build 30 gigawatts of offshore wind generation by 2030, which would be enough to power 10 million homes. The project not only contributes to clean energy goals but also provides a boost to the shipyard, which has been recovering from the impact of the pandemic.

The President & CEO of Philly Shipyard, Steinar Nerbøvik, expressed his excitement about the project, stating that they have nine ships to deliver in the next five years and with this new project, they will be able to employ 1,500 workers daily.

Congresswoman Mary Gay Scanlon, who accompanied President Biden during the visit, highlighted the significance of this investment for the area. She emphasized the potential to advance clean energy goals and create new jobs, emphasizing that these jobs will be good ones.

President Biden also stressed that his offshore wind plan extends beyond just Philadelphia and plays a significant role in his efforts to bring jobs back to the U.S. He emphasized the importance of the ship being made in America and owned and operated by Americans.

This announcement from President Biden signifies his commitment to clean energy and job creation, with offshore wind generation playing a crucial role in achieving these goals. The project in Philadelphia represents a step forward in harnessing the potential of wind power to provide sustainable energy and economic opportunities for the country.

ByTerence West