ACP Statement on House Passing Auxin CRA

Following the House of Representatives’ passage of H. J. Res. 39, which uses the Congressional Review Act (CRA) to impose retroactive solar tariffs, American Clean Power Association (ACP) CEO Jason Grumet issued the following statement: 

“The United States must reclaim its position as the global technology leader in the solar power supply chain. In recent months, the American solar industry has announced billions of dollars in investments in new domestic manufacturing facilities. Continued success requires collaboration between American government and business to build a resilient domestic supply chain. The attempt to impose retroactive tariffs on U.S. companies would harm current progress and once again cede ground to China and other nations. 

“Many of the nation’s largest trade unions have joined clean energy companies in opposing this legislation, which would result in American projects being delayed or cancelled, leading to bankruptcies, job loss, and increased energy costs.

“ACP urges the Senate to consider the negative impact on American workers and allow the solar industry the time it needs to establish a dynamic and resilient domestic manufacturing base. Unreliable and careening economic policy is bad for business and bad for America. Congress must do better.”