Brazil hopes to have 10 GW installed in wind power and solar energy by 2023

Brazil is due to register a record in the expansion of centralized power generation capacity in 2023, with an increase of 10.3 gigawatts (GW), with more than 90% of this total in wind and solar power plants, according to a forecast of the Ministry of Mines and Energy and the regulator Aneel announced this Friday.

The strong growth scenario for this year comes after an already significant increase in the Brazilian generating complex in 2022. Last year 8.2 GW was added, only behind the current record of 9.5 GW reached in 2016.

The scenario for 2023 considers projects that have been awarded or auctioned and are expected to start operating this year. 298 new generating plants located in 18 states are planned, with emphasis on Bahia (3.1 GW), Rio Grande do Norte (2.78 GW) and Minas Gerais (1.85 GW).

“This is a highly positive scenario for Brazil, which continues to lead the global search to preserve the planet with clean energy generation, since our growth is mainly based on renewable sources. I believe that in the coming years this expansion will be uniform. higher,” Mines and Energy Minister Alexandre Silveira said in a note.

Brazil ended 2022 with a generation park of 189 GW, with a high share of renewable sources such as hydro, solar and wind.

Of the total number of new solar and wind plants, almost 30% are contracted in the regulated environment and the rest in the free market, according to the ministry.

The portfolio also pointed to a positive scenario for 2023 for distributed power generation, in projects of up to 5 megawatts (MW), on roofs and solar facades. In 2022, “GD” showed strong growth, reaching 16.4 GW.