Capital Energy reaffirms its commitment to wind power in Asturias

They also sign three other agreements with the aim of boosting local employment during the construction of their Leo, Campón and Cassiopea wind farms.
During the construction and operation and maintenance phases of Leo, Campón and Cassiopea, the company and the council will implement different actions agreed between both parties and that will be adjusted to the needs of the municipality.
This initiative combines the contribution of the renewable group to the decarbonisation of the economy and the transformation of the energy model with its desire to promote growth in the regions, relying on local talent and strengthening its social, industrial and business fabric.
Each year, the aforementioned wind farms will cover the consumption of almost 60,000 Asturian homes with clean electricity, will prevent the emission into the atmosphere of some 56,000 tons of CO2, will provide stable employment to nine local professionals during the operation phase and will have an annual economic impact. in the local coffers of more than 160,000 euros.

Capital Energy, a Spanish energy company born two decades ago and whose vocation is to become the first 100% vertically integrated renewable operator in the Iberian Peninsula, has once again confirmed its commitment to the social, economic and environmental development of Asturias, an essential community for the consolidation of its clean energy project.

The company has signed three new collaboration agreements in the region with the Illano City Council linked to its Territories Project, which combines its contribution to the decarbonisation of the economy and the transformation of the energy model with its desire to promote growth in the different territories , relying on local talent and strengthening the social, industrial and business fabric of each area.

With these agreements, Capital Energy undertakes to promote, from the construction of the Leo, Campón and Cassiopea wind farms -which have the relevant environmental and urban planning permits-, different actions agreed between both parties and that will be adjusted to the needs of the municipality . These will be framed within specific lines of action, among which are the improvement of infrastructures and services, connectivity and digitization, protection of artistic and cultural heritage, education, health and social and labor integration of disadvantaged groups.

In fact, some beneficial proposals for the inhabitants of Illano are already being considered, such as the restoration of the Casa de las Cebollas, the construction of a day center, the improvement of communications between Pastur and El Pato and the rehabilitation of part of the municipal pavement.

The collaboration between the council and the renewable energy group will also continue in the operation and maintenance phase of the aforementioned renewable facilities, since they will continue to carry out actions that meet the aforementioned requirements. Through this agreement, all parties reaffirm their interest in contributing to the sustainable development of the town, through actions that guarantee an effective improvement in the quality of life of residents and the environment.
Leo, Campón and Cassiopea will promote local employment

On the other hand, Capital Energy and the Illano City Council have signed three additional agreements to promote the hiring of local workers in the construction and operation tasks of the aforementioned renewable facilities.

Within the framework of these agreements, the consistory will disseminate, through the relevant municipal communication channels, the job offers linked to the works and the subsequent maintenance of the aforementioned renewable infrastructures. Likewise, it will establish the necessary mechanisms to guarantee that interested persons have an easy way to present their candidacies. For this, it plans to establish a telematic system that allows the people of Ilanese to incorporate their curriculum in an agile and intuitive way. It will also ensure that the applications fit the profiles required by the company.

For its part, Capital Energy will provide the city council, within the stipulated deadlines, complete information on the positions to be filled. In addition, the group, which will ultimately determine both the hiring and the contractual relationship established with the employees selected by the council, will report, with the periodicity set by both parties, data on the incorporations made, in order to assess the efficiency and impact of the measures and resources provided. Finally, both parties agree to safeguard the principles of equality and non-discrimination throughout the process.

Leo, Campón and Cassiopea will have a capacity of more than 55 megawatts (MW) and will be able to supply the consumption of almost 60,000 Asturian homes each year, thanks to a production of more than 150,000 megawatt hours (MWh). They will also prevent the emission of some 56,000 tons of CO2.

The construction of these wind farms will promote the creation of more than 340 direct jobs during the peak periods of the works and will imply an investment of almost 50 million euros. In the operation and maintenance phase, they will provide stable employment to nine professionals in the area and will generate approximately seven indirect jobs.

Leo, Campón and Cassiopea will generate, annually and during their useful life, a fiscal impact of around 90,000 euros to local coffers, which will also receive punctual payment of the ICIO and other fees, close to 2 million euros.
The Territories Project, a differential value

Through the Territories Project, Capital Energy wants to articulate its commitment to sustainable development, become one more neighbor of the regions in which it is present and contribute to their social and economic growth.

To achieve this, the company undertakes to allocate specific economic items, during the construction and operation phases of its facilities.