Enel Green Power Chile began construction of a wind power project that includes a battery system for energy storage

The La Cabaña wind farm, with an installed capacity of 105.6 MW and an investment of approximately US$190 million, will be in the Araucanía Region, Angol municipality.

Enel Green Power Chile, an Enel Chile subsidiary, began constructing its new La Cabaña wind farm, which also incorporates an innovative energy storage system using lithium batteries (34.3 MW BESS).

This new 100% clean energy generation plant, which contemplates an investment of approximately US$190 million and an installed capacity of 105.6 MW, will be complemented by the power of the BESS system (34.3 MW). La Cabaña is part of the portfolio of renewable projects developed by the company nationwide. Through this, we promote the decarbonization of our generation matrix on our fair energy transition strategy.

“With the start of La Cabaña construction, we are continuing to lead the energy transition process towards a generation matrix based on renewable energies,” said Fabrizio Barderi, Enel Chile’s general manager. He adds, “Through the development of La Cabaña, we are also continuing our strategy of hybridization of non-conventional renewable generation plants. This wind project is Enel Chile’s first using storage batteries, through which we will have greater flexibility in managing the plant”.

The La Cabaña wind farm contemplates the installation of 22 wind turbines of 4.8 MW each. During its construction peak, it will employ approximately 450 people and aims to contribute to local growth by generating shared value creation policies and by hiring local labor specialized in developing renewable energy plants.

Enel Chile is the largest power company by installed capacity which, following the closure of Bocamina’s unit II, amounts to around 7.8 GW, including more than 5.8 GW from renewable energy, namely around 3.5 GW from hydro, over 1.5 GW from solar, 642 MW from wind and 69 MW from geothermal.The Group also operates in the distribution sector through Enel Distribución Chile, which serves over 2.1 million end users, as well as in the advanced energy solutions business through Enel X Chile