Enercon will supply wind turbines to 1 GW of wind energy in Türkiye

The wind farms will each have 250MW capacity and will be developed in four regions of the country.
Enercon and Enerjisa Uretim, a joint venture of E.ON and Sabanci Holding, have signed an agreement to install 1 GW of wind power at the YEKA RES II project in Turkey.

German wind turbine manufacturer Enercon will supply wind energy conversion (WEC) technology for the project, delivering 240 of its E-138 EP3 E2 WECs over the next four years.

Dr. Jürgen Zeschky, CEO of Enercon, said: “We are very pleased with the signing of this agreement. Our companies share the same commitment to renewable energies and the energy transition.
“Together, we will make a significant contribution to a reliable, crisis-proof, sustainable and affordable energy supply in Türkiye.

“We look forward to a long-term, trusted partnership with Enerjisa Üretim.”

Wind farms will be developed in Çanakkale, Bal?kesir, Ayd?n and Mu?la, each with a capacity of 250 MW.
In the YEKA RES II tender held in 2019, Enercon and Enerjisa Üretim together obtained 1 GW of capacity, with each company holding a 500 MW stake.

The YEKA – Renewable Energy Resource Areas program has a total capacity of more than 2.8 GW and is said to be one of the major renewable energy projects in Turkey.

The project will help the country address the global climate crisis by developing domestic production in renewable energy technology, as well as increasing the share of clean energy resources in its electricity generation portfolio.

Enerjisa Üretim CEO ?hsan Erbil Bayçöl said: “We are proud and happy to undertake a total wind energy investment of 1GW within the scope of the YEKA II tender.

“With this investment of $1.2bn, we will get closer to our ultimate wind power target of 1.5GW.

“With the accomplishment of the project, we will strengthen our position as the clean energy generating company with the highest installed capacity in Türkiye.”