Endesa is awarded 953 MW of wind power and solar power in Andorra

The technical committee of the Ministry of Fair Transition, meeting to select the winners of the tender, has provisionally granted Endesa the connection right for 953 MW and the possibility of expanding it to 1,200 MW.
The company’s proposal for the Andorra hub is based on the hybridization of renewable technologies, storage and green hydrogen for the decarbonisation of local companies, together with collaboration with surrounding companies in industries that manufacture components of the value chain of renewable and hydrogen, social projects and agreements with agents in the area of the primary and tertiary sector.

Endesa, through its renewable subsidiary Enel Green Power Spain, has been the provisional winner of the fair transition tender in Andorra, obtaining the right to connect 953 MW and the option to confirm up to 1,200 total MW. This has been decided by the technical table of the Ministry of Just Transition that has selected the provisional winners of the contest.

Of the project presented by Endesa for the Andorra junction, its innovative nature stands out in particular, as it proposes the hybridization of renewable solar and wind projects, energy storage and the development of green hydrogen projects to truly decarbonise the area’s industries.

This industrial development goes hand in hand with a social plan that is intended to last over time, with the creation of more than 3,500 jobs during the construction of the projects, generating 300 direct permanent jobs in the area for the operation of these facilities.

“We are very pleased to have received this provisional award”, stated the General Director of Generation at Endesa and the subsidiary Enel Green Power Spain, Rafael González, who reaffirmed the company’s commitment to “bringing to life, where before there was a coal-fired power plant, a set of plants that will hybridize several technologies such as wind, solar, storage and green hydrogen. Our commitment is for a project with a real future, which creates value in the local community, as we have always done where we have developed our industrial activity”, concluded González, recalling “that precisely this commitment and the company’s experience is what It has also made us win international contests such as Pego in Portugal”.

To carry out this project, Endesa plans to invest figures in excess of 1,200 million euros. This investment will go towards the construction of 5 solar and 5 wind plants in a hybridization scheme supported by a battery storage system, which will make it possible to make the most of renewable production. Additionally, an electrolyser will be installed that would allow the management of surpluses for the production of green Hydrogen. In this sense, Endesa is collaborating with local companies in industries that manufacture components of the hydrogen renewable value chain.

Aerial view of the thermal power plant in Andorra before the cooling towers were blown up.

Endesa has also opted to give training and social and economic development in the area a fundamental weight, which is why a training plan has been designed that will allow the professional retraining of people from the area in sectors such as renewables and the possibility of open a future job for the unemployed in the area.

In addition, Endesa incorporates in its proposal different initiatives and projects for the primary and tertiary sectors. To this end, and through a participatory process, Endesa has held meetings with numerous associations and local agents to outline a joint path of growth and empowerment of the environment.

In this social field, Endesa will also promote projects with the main objective of developing sustainable tourism, promoting local commerce and supporting groups of people with disabilities.