Where are wind turbines located in Italy?

The wind is one natural and renewable resource which can be exploited through the use of wind turbinestechnologies that convert kinetic energy of the wind in mechanical energy and subsequently in electric energy thanks to the use of generators. Very widespread especially in the regions of Southern Italy, we find out more about the distribution of wind turbines in our country.

Data on Italian wind

In Italy the energy obtained from wind turbines, which are widespread in many regions, is constantly increasing. According to the data published in the latest report of the National Wind Energy Association (ANEV), Italy generated in 2021 20.62 TWh of energy thanks to the use of wind turbines (whose name in technical jargon would be wind turbines) spread throughout the national territory, which allowed the savings more than 25 million barrels of oil and 12 million tons of CO emissions?.
In numbers, how much is it: a lot or a little? To give you an idea of ??how much energy this is, let’s consider Terna’s data according to which the annual electricity requirement in our country it would correspond to 319.9 TWh (registering an increase of 6.2% in 2021 compared to 2020). The wind power, therefore, currently represents about 6.27% of the national energy coverage.

wind turbines

The national map of wind farms

Almost all Italian regions host more or less extensive wind farms in their territory, for a total of 7,289 wind turbines it’s a power of 11,035 MW.As can be seen from the table below, the distribution of wind turbines in Italy it is not homogeneous. In fact, six southern regions generate the largest quantities of wind energy in Italy: Puglia, Campania, Calabria, Basilicata, Sicily and Sardinia. In 2019 these territories hosted the 91% of Italian wind farms and Puglia alone, by power, is currently able to generate a quarter of total wind energy.


wind turbines in Italy
in the picture: Map of the presence of wind turbines in Italy. Source: Anev 2022

The situation in the different regions

Analyzing the data provided by Anev we note that it is the Puglia to host the largest number of wind turbines (1.615), followed by Sicily (1,574), Campania (1,196) and Sardinia (753). We can then note that Basilicata (713) and Calabria (624), despite having a smaller number of plants, are able to compensate for these values ??in terms of power. Then follow the Molise (321) and theAbruzzo (250) while the number of plants falls in Tuscany (88) and Liguria (56).
The classification of the distribution of wind turbines in Italy proceeds with Emilia Romagna (36), Lazio (30) and Piedmont (9) while as regards the rest of the regions (identified by the wording “Other”), as a whole they host a total of 21 wind turbines.

wind turbines in Italy
in the picture: Distribution of wind turbines in Italy. Source: Anev 2022