Enercon presents its new E-175 EP5 wind turbines

The WEC designed for class S wind has a rotor diameter of 175 meters and a nominal power of 6 MW

The German wind power company ENERCON adds a new superior model to its product range. The new E-175 EP5 has a rotor diameter of 175 meters and a nominal power of 6 MW. The WEC is designed for sites with low to medium winds (IEC wind class S). This new ENERCON flagship model will be presented for the first time at Hamburg WindEnergy (September 27-30).

“We offer our customers high quality products for the small, medium and large rotor segments. With the E-175 EP5 we are launching one of the largest rotor diameters currently available on the European market, thus adding a highly competitive wind power converter designed especially for the low wind segment to our range”, says ENERCON CCO (Sales & Service) Ulrich Schulze Sudhoff. “The new WEC is an important milestone in our effort to further reduce the cost of energy. We continue to listen carefully to our customers and develop powerful and reliable products that are optimally tailored to their needs. Our goal is to have a product portfolio that is perfectly adapted to the market.”

Frederic Maenhaut, CCO (Project Management) at ENERCON, adds: “The E-175 EP5 features ENERCON’s tried and tested direct drive and highly efficient, performance-optimized permanent magnet generator, making it another option. attractive to our customers and an alternative to equipment-based competition In most market regions around the world, the cost of energy is the deciding criterion With the E-175 EP5, we are launching the right machine in the right time.”

Other key details of the E-175 EP5 include: E-nacelle with state-of-the-art on-board electrical systems for faster installation on site and optimal integration into electrical power networks; tried and tested low maintenance ENERCON direct drive concept; a rotor blade developed by ENERCON, at 86 meters, ENERCON’s longest blade to date; available hub heights up to 163 meters; possibility of site-specific tower variations depending on the project; design life of 25 years.

“The new WEC generation contains a lot of ENERCON’s DNA”, explains Jörg Scholle, CTO of ENERCON. “With this model, we build on ENERCON’s core competencies and technologies that are deeply rooted in our history. The E-175 EP5 is therefore an embodiment of our company’s current development philosophy. At the same time, we offer our customers compelling features that set us apart from competitive products.”

Installation of the prototype is planned for 2023/24 and the start of serial production for 2024.