Massachusetts commits to 5.6 GW offshore wind power target

Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker signed a new renewable energy bill that will reform the state’s offshore wind procurement process and commits to a 5,600 MW target.

The bill, passed by the state legislature on July 31, codifies Massachusetts’ commitment to purchase 5.6 GW by 2030, enough to power two million homes.

Massachusetts has already contracted 2.5 GW of offshore wind power.

In addition to clean energy commitments and the procurement process, Massachusetts lawmakers have created new tools to support the development of the wind turbine industry through supply chain advancement, infrastructure financing, and force development. in the form of new tax incentives and subsidies.

John Begala, Vice President for Federal and State Policy at the Business Network for Offshore Wind: “The sweeping energy bill signed into law today shows why Massachusetts continues to be a national leader in offshore wind development. The benefits of offshore wind power are as powerful as the turbines themselves: generating clean, reliable and affordable power for tens of millions of homes across the country, creating 77,000 good-paying jobs this decade, and revitalizing the nation’s shipbuilding and manufacturing industries. .

“Procurement reforms and historic investments will help the state fully realize all of these economic and environmental benefits, leading to a stronger offshore wind industry with increased job creation, new economic activity, and a more reliable and affordable energy sector.”