RWE inaugurates its third wind farm in France

  • Les Hauts Bouleaux, a wind farm with a total capacity of 18 megawatts, will supply more than 9,000 French households with green electricity every year
  • Valuable help from local residents during the construction phase

RWE inaugurates its second wind farm in the Hauts-de-France region and its third in France. The municipality of Thieux is the site of the six wind turbines of the Les Hauts Bouleaux wind farm with a total capacity of 18 megawatts (MW), i.e. 3 MW per turbine. The park is able to supply more than 9,000 households with green electricity.

Joseph Fonio, Country Chair RWE Renewables France: “Les Hauts Bouleaux is the third wind farm in our portfolio to be commissioned in France and RWE will have seven wind farms in France by the end of the year. With RWE starting operations in the French market in November 2020, less than two years ago, we are pleased to see these projects come to fruition under the RWE brand. The success of a wind power project depends on the support of the local residents and their commitment, which is why we have in-house consultation experts who have a special relationship with the residents, and this is what makes us different. What is even more remarkable in the case of Hauts Bouleaux is the solidarity of the farmers during the connection phase of the park and we would like to thank them warmly.”

The site was commissioned in the spring of 2022 and was delivered on time thanks in part to the valuable help of local residents. Last autumn, torrential rains had an impact on the construction site. Local farmers helped the construction teams to dry out the land with pumps and tankers so that the six wind turbines could be connected to the electricity grid.

RWE is currently building four other onshore wind farms in France: the extension of the Epine Marie-Madeleine wind farm (22.8 MW), Moulin à Vent (6 MW), Montagne d’Huilly (15 MW) and Les Nouvions (43.6 MW), which will bring the total capacity in operation to almost 150 MW by the end of the year. 

RWE is also working on the development of solar projects with five projects in advanced development in France for a total of 50 MWp, as well as 250 MWp under study.

In addition, RWE has been shortlisted for two offshore wind tenders off Normandy (AO4) and southern Brittany (AO5). For the AO6 tender in the Mediterranean with floating wind turbines, RWE has teamed up with Bourbon Subsea Services. The partners have already submitted their pre-qualification documents. RWE currently operates 18 offshore wind farms in five countries with a total capacity of around 3 GW (RWE share). The company develops and builds some of the most innovative offshore wind farms in the world, in particular with its float technology, but also by coupling it with offshore hydrogen production.