Fernández, Quintela and Darío Martínez started the works of the Arauco III Wind Farm in La Rioja

The President of the Nation, Alberto Fernández, the Governor of the province of La Rioja, Ricardo Quintela, and the Secretary of Energy of the Nation, Darío Martínez, led the inauguration of the works of the “Arauco III Wind Farm”. With an investment of 120 million dollars, 28 new wind turbines will be added, adding 100 MW to the electricity grid.
The President of the Nation, Alberto Fernández, the Governor of the province of La Rioja, Ricardo Quintela, and the Secretary of Energy of the Nation, Darío Martínez, participated in the act of laying the foundation stone of the third stage of the Arauco Wind Farm ( PEA).

The construction tasks involve 200 jobs and will consist of the installation of 28 new wind turbines that will add 100 MW to the 150 MW already installed in the previous parks, whose investment reaches 120 million dollars from the reinvestment of what is generated by PEA I and PEA II.

“Everything the world needs is in Argentina. We are talking about the need for renewable energy. I have come to inaugurate the third stage of Parque Arauco, I was before starting the second stage. We are going to work tirelessly so that there is energy throughout Argentina, so that Argentina does not stop its production,” said Alberto Fernández.

“Parque Eólico Arauco is a majority state-owned company, which allows not only to seek efficiency, but also to focus operations on the search for energy solutions that generate opportunities for citizens,” said the Rioja president, Ricardo Quintela. And he added: We are determined to use this tool, to invest so that the Arauco Wind Farm is a source of resources for the development of La Rioja and to continue advancing to change its energy matrix”.

In the same sense, the secretary Darío Martínez considered that: “Argentina is on a path of energy transition and the world is in that process, the important thing is that we can do it and take that responsibility and comply with that transition process based on of what we can do. For this, we must continue to carry out this type of work, let us remember that La Rioja has the Arauco I, Arauco II wind farm and that gives the possibility of being able to advance in a third and this development must be accompanied by the national industry”.

The work will have 28 Siemens Gamesa wind turbines, by incorporating 100 MW it will increase the compensation of CO2 emissions, strengthening the federal contribution to the fight against climate change.

Finally, the Minister of Water and Energy of La Rioja, Adolfo Scaglioni, explained that “the Arauco Wind Farm had a truly extraordinary growth. On this occasion we also explained to the Secretary of Energy of the Nation the investment in photovoltaic energy that is being made and that will bring energy to the people of the interior, especially the Bermejo valley”.

The ceremony for the Arauco III Wind Farm was also attended by the National Productive Development Minister, Daniel Scioli, the Vice President of CAMMESA, Santiago Yanotti, the Energy Secretary of La Rioja, Alfredo Pedreali, and the PAE President, Ariel Parmigiani. .

The Arauco Wind Farm stands out for being a majority state-owned company, as well as for having been the first wind farm connected to the SADI (Argentine Electric Interconnection System). It currently generates 150 Mega Watts of power that are injected into the network and allow it to supply 81% of the homes in the province of La Rioja.

During the last year, it generated savings of 182,413 tons of CO2 in carbon dioxide emissions. Currently, work is being done to develop the first pilot plant for the production of Green Hydrogen, in order to train professionals and use what is produced in the public transport system.