Tierra del Fuego and MMEX jointly announce the potential development of a green hydrogen

Today, the Province of Tierra del Fuego and MMEX jointly announce the potential development of a green hydrogen project in the Río Grande area.

The Governor of the Province of Tierra del Fuego, Mr. Gustavo Adrian Melella, announced that, “MMEX, a North American company with operations in Texas USA with extensive experience in the implementation, financing and operation of energy infrastructure in Latin America and the USA, is evaluating a project for the production of 55 tons of green hydrogen with 160 megawatts of base wind power.”

Governor Melella added, “The excellent wind conditions in the Río Grande area, which allow efficient logistics and production and direct access to the sea, are the basis for MMEX’s entry into Argentine Patagonia. The final objective would be the implementation of a green hydrogen node destined to export to Europe and Asia. We welcome and support the participation of MMEX in Tierra del Fuego.”

Jack W. Hanks, the CEO of MMEX stated, “We are very excited to join the Government of Tierra del Fuego to plan this project. The global focus on renewable energy and the need to reduce the planet’s carbon footprint is at the core of Tierra del Fuego and MMEX’s strategy, drawing on MMEX’s green hydrogen expertise.”

Hanks added, “Since 1989, in Texas and Peru, MMEX has built and operated thermoelectric plants, oil and gas pipelines, oil refineries and ethanol plants. It has also explored and operated oil and gas fields. MMEX, in conjunction with Siemens Energy, recently completed a front-end engineering design study for the production of 55 tons per day of hydrogen for this project and its other projects in Texas. Hydrogen can be transformed into Ammonia or Methanol for global exports. It is estimated that the investment will be in the range of US $500 million, generating up to 1,500 jobs in the construction stage and 300 qualified and permanent jobs in the operation stage.”

Hanks further commented, “Siemens Energy is a leading manufacturer of electrolysis equipment that enables the transition to clean energy. MMEX has also signed a memorandum of understanding with Siemens Energy and Siemens Gamesa, one of the world leaders in the production of wind towers, which is associated with the realization of this project. This will allow defining the necessary wind turbine and the required land to implement a 160MW wind farm that supplies electrical energy to the Siemens electrolysers to produce hydrogen.”

Governor Melella added, “The province of Tierra del Fuego and MMEX have signed agreements on the exchange of technical information. This allows rapid progress in the preliminary assessment of wind potential.”

The provincial government, within its support for the development of renewable energy industries, welcomes initiatives that allow the sustainable use of Tierra del Fuego’s resources and reaffirms, as a government, its commitment to sustainable development, the preservation of the environment, investment and employment.