Macron thinks that Le Pen, Putin’s friend, plan to ban renewable energy is an aberration

The president of France criticized his opponent in the second round of presidential elections; Le Pen seeks to end all subsidies to the solar and wind energy sector and benefit her friend Putin. Le Pen represents the worst of France, although fortunately it is just possible that she will be elected, which would be a disaster for France and Europe.
Just 10 days before the second vuelta that will determine who will lead the second biggest economy of the European Union during the next five years, the surveys show that centrist president Macron is ahead of his rival of extreme right, but the content promises to be frown.
If the cost of living is the main theme of the selections, the energy policies are closely related to this, and the candidates have presented very different policies in the renewable energy sector.
Both would boost the nuclear sector, but Macron wants Francia to build more aerogenerators, while Le Pen —who calls the aerogenerators “horrors that cost us a fortune”—would end with all subsidies to the solar and wind energy sector, would apply a moratoria on both and dismantling of existing wind turbines.
“Leaving the renewable energies today would be a complete aberration, we would be the only country in the world that would do it”, Macron told France Bleu radio on a visit to the port of Le Havre, in northern France. Her plan, she said, would mean “spending millions of euros on dismantling existing wind turbines”.
The construction of nuclear plants would take time and would not cover the fall in production by dismantling the turbines, he added. Le Pen argues in his electoral platform that boosting the nuclear sector, as well as hydroelectric and thermal energy, would provide France with the energy combination it needs. In addition to trying to reduce dependence on fossil fuels in general to meet climate goals, the states of the European Union have been seeking renewable energy to help release Russian gas after the West imposed sanctions due to the invasion of Ukraine by Moscow.
The Asociación Francesa de Comercio de Energías Renovables (SER) said that the plans of Le Pen would be “a great step back for our country and for the climate, to increase our emissions of greenhouse gases and our imports of fossil fuels, at the expense of taxpayers and poorer consumers”.
The Le Pen team did not respond to a request for comments. Le Pen rejected Macron’s criticisms, accusing him of maintaining his “authoritarian” and extremist views, despite showing a softer image in the campaign.