Enercon’s first wind turbine in India

In the process of making its supply chains more international, ENERCON began setting up a generator production plant in Erode, India last year. Now, the first ENERCON generator ‘made in India’ has left the production facilities of supplier Coral Manufacturing Works (CMW). ENERCON has made huge progress in India in building up its global supply chain. The roll-out is an important milestone for ENERCON and the whole team.

The first generators produced in India belong to the E-138 EP3 E2 WEC type. Despite challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, production in India got off to a successful start. ENERCON experts were present on site to accompany the ramp-up and performed the relevant quality checks there. In the first stage, ten generators were prepared in this way for delivery to a project in South Korea.

‘The implementation of the globalisation strategy in the supply chain is a key milestone in the turnaround’, says Heiko Juritz, Head of Global Procurements and Supply Chain. ‘A global supply chain is a prerequisite for being able to supply the nearest markets at the lowest possible landed costs. This in turn has a positive effect on the cost of energy.’

The CMW plant has a total production capacity of up to 250 ENERCON generators a year. Alongside EP3 generators, the production of generators for the EP5 class is also set to start at CMW over the course of the year.