Renewable energies avoid the need for imported energy sources

Governments should phase out fossil and nuclear sources as soon as possible for a peaceful, a free, a prosperous renewable energy world.

The current war in Ukraine has demonstrated once more the great dangers which are corresponding with an energy supply scheme that is largely based on fossil and nuclear energy sources. One-sided dependencies are a potential cause not only for major tensions and for an unbalanced distribution of economic opportunities. They even entail a risk of war.

Renewable energies, in particular wind, can be harvested everywhere, they are available in abundance and they are affordable. Accordingly, every country, every region, every community should use these energy sources as basis for their independence and wellbeing.

The present war in Ukraine has drawn these facts into stark reality as we extend our support for our members in Ukraine, including our Vice President Dr. Andriy Konechenkov, Chairman of the Ukrainian Wind Energy Association, and his family.

We call upon all governments in the world to accelerate the switch to a complete, locally sourced renewable energy supply, in order to reduce tensions around limited fossil and nuclear energy resources and to provide prosperity, peace and a healthy environment to citizens and communities around the world.

As the wind energy community from around the world, we are ready to support this endeavour and make it a success.