Spain to launch renewables tenders for Concentrated Solar Power and biomass in April

The Spanish government will launch its next renewable energy tender in April 2022 to award 500 MW to mostly concentrated solar power (200 MW) and biomass (140 MW) -based projects, the ministry for the ecological transition announced today.

The ministry published the tender terms to public consultation until January 21.
Out of the 500 MW total capacity, 200 MW will be assigned to concentrated solar power (CSP) plants, 140 MW to distributed solar PV, 140 MW to biomass energy and 20 MW is reserved for other technologies.
Projects in the distributed solar PV category have to be below or equal to 5 MW. The ministry said the auction process will take into account their proximity to population and citizen and SME participation. The goal is to ensure these types of projects have a “strong local character”, in the ministry’s words.
For bidders interested in biomass-based projects, the ministry set aside 100 MW for large installations and 40 MW for plants under 20 MW.
The regulatory support will again take the form of the pay-as-bid remuneration model, which the Spanish government introduced a year ago to replace the previous feed-in-tariffs scheme. CSP plants, biogas and biomass-fired installations in this auction round will receive regulatory support for 20 years, whereas solar PV and other renewables can count of 12 years of support. All plants will retain some exposure to the market but in different degree.
Winning solar PV projects will have to be constructed within two years from the award, while others have a deadline of four years, the ministry added.