Brazil is making strides in wind power

Brazil is already the world’s seventh ranked country globally for wind power projects – and it is making even more strides to increase its installations.

Acciona Energía has signed an agreement with Casa dos Ventos, Brazil’s largest renewable energy investor group, for the acquisition of two wind projects that are currently being developed in the state of Bahia. Meanwhile, Enel Green Power has commissioned the 353-MW Morro do Chapéu Sul 2 onshore wind farm, also located in the South American country.

In Brazil, wind power is already the second-largest source of electricity, accounting for 10% of production. By 2024, experts forecast that Brazil will have at least 30 GW of projects. In June, Brazil exceeded 19 GW of installed wind energy capacity, with 726 wind farms and more than 8,500 wind turbines, according to the Brazil Wind Energy Association.

In 2020, the wind sector invested BRL20.6bn ($2.74bn) in Brazil, according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance.

Acciona’s agreement is for the Sento Se I and II wind projects, totalling 850 MW, in the state of Bahia (Brazil). The maximum combined capacity of the two projects amounts to 850 MW.

The Sento Se I and II wind farms are currently in the process of obtaining all the necessary permits and authorisations prior to their execution. Once these are obtained, ACCIONA Energía can proceed to approve the investment and begin construction next year. The development of both wind farms would involve an investment of €800mn.

The purchase marks the Spanish company’s entry into the Brazilian market for renewable generation. The company is exploring other wind and photovoltaic (PV) opportunities in the country.

Meanwhile, the Italian company Enel Green Power has commissioned the 353-MW Morro do Chapéu Sul 2 wind farm. Located in the towns of Morro do Chapéu and Capernaum, the €304m project comprises 84 wind turbines and is expected to be fully operational by January. More than half of the turbines are already online.

The project is located in the same region as its sister project, the 172-MW Morro do Chapéu Sul, which has been in operation since 2018.

Enel Green Power Brazil head Roberta Bonomi said: “The start of operations in Morro do Chapéu Sul II reaffirms our commitment to contribute to the diversification of renewable sources in the country, making available to the electricity system a substantial volume of new installed capacity capable of helping the country in view of the current water shortage.

“This is Enel’s fourth renewable project to come into operation in the country in 2021,” said Enel Green Power’s country head, Roberta Bonomi. “Between 2020 and early 2022 alone, we will have put into operation around 2.6 GW of new wind and solar capacity.” 

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