Wind energy responded with 83% of the electricity generation capacity installed in Brazil in 2021

Approximately 83% are wind turbines, and that represents a sufficient quantity to supply around 3.3 million popular residences with 150 kW per month. According to the federal government, 284 MW of this type of source have been released for commercial operation until June.
80% of the wind capacity installed in the country this year is concentrated in four states: Ceará (205 MW), Piauí (299 MW), Rio Grande do Norte (428 MW) and Bahía (494 MW).
Brazil has 176,157.6 MW of audited power, according to data from the Geração da Aneel Information System, or SIGA, updated daily with data on use in operations and companies issued in the construction phase. Of the total in operation, 75% of the plants are powered by wind and other renewables.