Vestas wins multiple orders for wind power

Vestas wins 92 MW order in the USA

Vestas has received a 92 MW order to power an undisclosed wind project in the U.S. The project consists of 22 V150-4.2 MW turbines.

The order includes supply, transport, and commissioning of the turbines, as well as a multi-year Active Output Management 5000 (AOM 5000) service agreement, designed to ensure optimised performance of the asset.

Turbine delivery will begin in the second quarter of 2022 with commissioning scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2022.The customer and project are undisclosed.

Boralex and Vestas sign full scope long-term service agreement in France

Renewable energy producer Boralex and Vestas have entered a 15-years full scope service contract in France that includes 280 MW from Boralex’s portfolio of Vestas wind parks in France.

Through this contract, Boralex, a pioneer in renewable energies and the leading independent producer of onshore wind power in France, will be able to benefit from the experience and know-how of Vestas to optimise the performance of its Vestas facilities, which represent 30 percent of Boralex’s assets in France.

Nicolas Wolff, Vice-President and General Manager, Boralex Europe underlines that “over the past 20 years, our teams have built upon Vestas’ skills and expertise in the maintenance of our assets to make Boralex a leader in the wind power industry. These decades of experience have led us to implement, in partnership with the teams at Vestas France, a high value-adding maintenance strategy that will enable us to combine agility and performance within the framework of the optimisation direction in our 2025 Strategic Plan”.

Vestas Western Europe Service Director, Benoit Gilbert adds: “We are delighted with this long-term contract with Boralex. We have always worked on our products and services with the objectives of guaranteeing safety, increasing operational performance and lowering the cost of energy. This contract is further enabled through our organisational set-up in France, which has been strengthened in recent years with the creation of new maintenance centers, a second logistics platform and an internal training center, for a competitive long-term turnkey maintenance service“.

Vestas now provides O&M service to over 50,000 wind turbines and around 9,500 dedicated service colleagues across 73 countries work committedly to maintain and support the biggest wind turbine fleet in the world. 

With more than 117 GW of turbines under service, Vestas helps remove over a hundred million tonnes of CO2 every year from the atmosphere by providing reliable, sustainable and cost-effective renewable energy, meeting global energy demand.

In France, Vestas provides service to 6 GW of wind turbines. Vestas installed its first turbine in the country in 1991. Since then, the company has led the country’s wind industry with over 5.8 GW of wind capacity installed across more than 2,300 wind turbines. These numbers position the company as the main contributor to the expansion of wind energy in France, with a 30 percent cumulative market share.

Vestas wins 25 MW order in Portugal

Vestas has received a 25 MW order to extend a wind park in the north of Portugal. The order has been placed by Finerge, one of the Portugal’s largest renewable energy producers.

The contract includes the supply and installation of six V150-4.2 MW wind turbines. Vestas will also provide service on the wind park for the next 20 years through an Active Output Management 4000 (AOM 4000) service agreement.

“We started the year by announcing an acquisition of wind turbines to Vestas and by promising a focus of Finerge on returning to greenfield development. Six months later here we are delivering on that promise, acquiring more wind turbines to reinforce our commitment to building new renewable energy sources. It is excellent to be able to count on a reliable partner, such as Vestas, to take all these steps”, says Pedro Norton, CEO of Finerge.

“We are proud to work once again with Finerge, a key partner for the development of wind energy in Portugal. Their recent wind projects have featured various Vestas turbines from the 2 MW and the 4 MW platform, and we expect this contract to further strengthen our partnership”, says Vestas’ Director of Operations in Portugal, Tiago Palma Veigas. 

With this project, Vestas adds to almost 900 MW capacity installed or under construction in Portugal.

Turbine delivery is planned for the second quarter of 2022, whilst commissioning is expected for the last quarter of 2022.

The name of the project is undisclosed per request by the customer.

Vestas adds 126 MW EnVentus order in Finland

Vestas has secured an order for the 126 MW Posio Murtotuuli project being developed by Taaleri Energia in Finland.

Vestas will supply, install and service 21 V162-6.0 MW turbines at Posio Murtotuuli, which will be equipped with the Vestas Anti-Icing System to protect against the harshest climatic conditions.

Vestas will provide service for the project through a long-term Active Output Management 5000 (AOM 5000) service agreement, providing power performance certainty and Vestas’ industry-leading service expertise throughout the lifetime of the project.

“We’re delighted to be building on the track record of our industry-leading EnVentus platform with the Posio project with Taaleri Energia,” said Nils de Baar, President of Vestas Northern & Central Europe. “Taaleri has been an open-minded partner, looking to secure the best site solutions for the EnVentus turbines, including the Vestas Anti-Icing System and a long-term service term”.

“Vestas is a valued partner and the combination of their V162-6.0 MW turbines with long-term service agreements provide a very strong foundation for these investments from the Taaleri SolarWind II fund”, said Taaleri Energia’s Managing Director, Kai Rintala.

The Posio Murtotuuli project is located in Posio municipality, in the province of Lapland, and will see turbines delivered in the second quarter of 2022 with commissioned beginning in the fourth quarter of 2022.

Vestas to supply 35 MW of turbines for heavy industry sites in Belgium

Vestas has received a 35 MW order to supply turbines to two projects being developed for corporate heavy industry in Belgium, including providing renewable power for steel production. The two projects are being developed by Storm, a Belgian wind farm developer and owner-operator, and are both located in the industrial harbour of Ghent, Belgium.

Storm is developing the 31 MW ArcelorMittal Wind Farm, which will comprise of three V162-6.0 MW EnVentus turbines, two V150-4.2 MW turbines operating at 4.3 MW power mode, and one V150-4.2 MW turbine. The three EnVentus turbines are the first to be installed in Belgium, and will be the largest turbines installed onshore in Belgium. They will be built subsidy-free on the basis of a 20-year corporate PPA with ArcelorMittal.

The ArcelorMittal Wind Farm will be powering the ArcelorMittal steel manufacturing plant in Ghent, providing the electricity for steel production. The turbines will also be equipped with Vestas’ Anti-Icing System, enhancing performance by improving power production in cold climate conditions.

At a separate project, the 4.2 MW Honda Gent Wind Farm, which is also being developed by Storm, Vestas will deliver one V136-4.2 MW turbine. The power from this project will be used by Honda Motor Europe’s logistics centre in Ghent.

Vestas will supply, install, and commission turbines at both sites. At both sites, Vestas will provide service through long-term 20-year Active Output Management 4000 (AOM 4000) service agreements, providing power performance certainty and Vestas’ industry-leading service expertise throughout the lifetime of the projects.

“These orders from Storm are important ones for Vestas,” said Nils de Baar, President of Vestas Northern and Central Europe. “As we continue to support Belgium’s decarbonisation efforts in some of its hardest to abate sectors, such as green steelmaking and auto production, we’re also delighted to be delivering our EnVentus platform for the first time to Belgium. These are two truly groundbreaking projects for the Ghent industrial harbour and for all of Belgium, and Vestas is proud to be a partner”.

“We are proud that, together with Vestas, we are building the largest wind turbines in Belgium as well as the first subsidy free wind farm in the country,” says Storm’s managing director Jan Caerts.”In doing so, we will be able to provide ArcelorMittal’s steel plant with cheap, clean energy for the next twenty years”.

Turbine deliveries are expected to begin in the fourth quarter of 2021, while commissioning of both projects is planned for the second quarter of 2022.

Vestas wins 192 MW order in Finland and increases the rating of the V162-6.0 MW EnVentus turbine to 6.2 MW

Vestas has secured a 192 MW order from an undisclosed investor for the Lappfjärd project, located 100 km south of Vaasa on the west coast of Finland. The project will feature 31 V162-6.2 MW turbines, the first time Vestas’ EnVentus platform features a 6.2 MW rated capacity per turbine.

With this project, Vestas upgrades the EnVentus platform’s V162-6.0 MW variant to 6.2 MW rating, delivering an Annual Energy Production (AEP) increase of up to 1.5 percent from the V162-6.0 MW. Leveraging the modular flexibility of the EnVentus platform, the upgrade is enabled by advancements in load assessment and minor hardware upgrades.

The uprated V162-6.2 MW turbine features in the Lappfjärd project thanks to the innovative approach to turbine technology taken by developers in Finland, where Vestas also first premiered its V162-5.6 MW and V162-6.0 MW turbines. Vestas’ EnVentus platform has to date secured nearly 1,400 MW in volume in Finland alone.

The Lappfjärd project is being done by CPC Germania as the developer and construction manager. Vestas has also provided turbines for CPC Germania’s Lakia I, II and III projects, and builds on the close partnership with CPC Germania at the Lappfjärd project.

“We are delighted to be further adding to the recent momentum with our EnVentus platform in Finland by delivering our upgraded V162-6.2 MW turbine to the Lappfjärd project, continuing our long-term partnership with CPC Germania.” said Nils de Baar, President of Vestas Northern & Central Europe.

“The first deployment of Vestas’ V162-6.2 MW in Finland at Lappfjärd is testament to both the continuous optimisation of the EnVentus platform as well as the relentless technical value engineering on behalf of customers at projects across Northern & Central Europe,” added Jan Hagen, Regional Chief Technology Officer of Vestas Northern & Central Europe.

“We are pleased to partner with Vestas again for the construction of the Lappfjärd wind farm. The selected turbine type, the V162-6.2 MW represents the newest and most efficient technology available. Together with a long-term full-service concept, the new turbine type offers the project the reliable operational platform needed in a subsidy-free market environment,” said Markus Tacke, CEO of CPC Germania.

The V162-6.2 MW turbines will be serviced by Vestas through a long-term 20-year Active Output Management 5000 (AOM 5000) service agreement, providing power performance certainty and Vestas’ industry-leading service expertise throughout the lifetime of the project.

Vestas will deliver turbines in the second quarter of 2022, with installation scheduled to begin by the end of the same quarter. The project is expected to be completed by the first quarter of 2023.

Vestas secures 113 MW wind order in Japan with customised tall tower solution

Vestas has secured an order for the 113 MW Sumita Tono Wind Farm in Japan with Green Power Sumita Tono GK. With the site located in complex mountainous terrain in the Iwate prefecture, the order demonstrates how Vestas can leverage its industry-leading siting, project management and technology capabilities to deliver site-specific solutions in all conditions.

Vestas has developed a customised tower solution for the project to accommodate the site’s challenging transport, wind and seismic load conditions, and it will feature the tallest hub heights for any wind turbines above 4 MW rating in the country, unlocking new wind resources at higher and more consistent wind speeds. Developed by Green Power Investment Corporation (GPI), the order will include supply and supervision of installation of 27 Vestas V117-4.2 MW turbines of which 23 will be installed on 114-meter towers and the other four on 94-meter towers.

It will be the first collaboration between Vestas and GPI, which is the Japanese partner of U.S based Pattern Energy Group LP that since 2004 has been focused on developing, constructing, and operating renewable projects in Japan.

“We are pleased to partner with GPI with this landmark order in Japan,” said Purvin Patel, President and CEO of Vestas Asia Pacific, “With this order, we remain committed to contribute to Japan’s net zero goal and it also demonstrates our capabilities to tailor the best solution for our customers”.

“It is through the continued support and teamwork of various stakeholders and local government that the project was able to reach commencement of construction; a process in which Vestas played a vital role.” said Mitsuru Sakaki, President of GPI. “We would like to thank Vestas for this cooperation, on a particularly challenging project, and look forward to further long term collaboration to continue to push the Japanese wind industry to greater levels of efficiency and optimisation as we work to bring Japan’s sustainable energy targets closer”.

Vestas will also deliver a multi-year Active Output Management 5000 (AOM 5000) service agreement for the wind farm, providing an energy-based availability guarantee to ensure optimised performance and long-term business case certainty for the customer.

Delivery of the turbines will begin in the first quarter of 2022, with commissioning scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2022.