Time to accelerate deployment of renewable energies

On the occasion of today’s WorldREnewDay, the Global 100% Renewable Energy Platform Global100RE calls on all governments, on communities and citizens all over the world to accelerate the switch to renewable energy.

Stefan Gsänger, Cochair of Global100RE and WWEA Secretary General: “The case of renewables has been clear for more than a decade: We know very well that the world needs to switch entirely to renewable energy. What is different today is the urgency to act: In light of climate change, there is no time any more to loose. Renewables are today cost competitive, they are cheaper than fossil or nuclear resources. We need now to remove all barriers in the way of a renewable world, so that our children everywhere on this planet can not only benefit from sufficient and affordable renewable energy but that future generations do not need to suffer from unstopped climate change. People around the world are more and more aware that taking the energy supply in their own hands, harvesting domestic renewables, will bring them prosperity and wealth.”

Rian van Staden, Platform Coordinator of the Global100RE: “The WorldREnewDay was launched in 2019 by the Global 100% Renewable Energy Platform and its members with a public festival on the UN Campus in Bonn, and is this year celebrated virtually in light of the ongoing pandemic. The Platform calls on everybody working towards achieving 100% renewable energy everywhere to celebrate their colleagues, partners, staff and friends in the field for the important work that they do in keeping humanity safe and healthy, promoting energy security and independence, and ameliorating the effects of climate change. It represents a great opportunity to reach out and thank our co-workers on this important journey and assure them that their work is valued and appreciated. Hopefully next year we will meet in person again to renew our unity in achieving this important goal, in raising awareness, and in having fun together!”

REN Alliance Event: A New Momentum for Climate Change Mitigation: Renewables Working Together

28 June 2021, 13:00 CEST

On Monday, 28 June, the leading international renewable energy associations will meet with key international energy organisations and discuss the status of renewable energy and the way forward. REN21 will present the recently launched Global Status Report 2021 which reflects latest trends in renewable energy deployment.

The International Energy Agency will show how an energy system in line with the Paris goals might look like.

The International Renewable Energy Agency IRENA will present a potential pathway towards a 1,5°C world.

Representatives from the International Geothermal Association, the International Hydropower Associations, the International Solar Energy Society, the World Bioenergy Association and the World Wind Energy Association, all five forming the REN Alliance, will comment on specific aspects of the findings that were presented b REN21, IEA and IRENA.

The programme and registration link: https://wwindea.org/ren-alliance-webinar-a-new-momentum-for-climate-change-mitigation-renewables-working-together/