Sustainability is core and driver for the wind energy

After producing clean energy for up to 35 years, as of today, 85-90% of a turbine´s mass can be recycled. Most components of a wind turbine – foundation, tower and components of the nacelle – have established recycling practices. Due to the composite material, used in blade production as well as in other sectors such as marine, transport, aeronautics, construction and building, blades are not toxic, but more challenging to recycle.

Today, at Spanish Wind Energy’s Association’s Annual Congress, Giles Dickson (WindEurope CEO) announced a call for a landfill ban in order to further accelerate circularity of economy in line with the new EU Circular Economy Action Plan. Until today, in some countries, it is still allowed to dispose in landfill, if reusing, repurposing or recovering of the blades is not possible. Nordex supports the drive towards a more circular approach and takes part in the working group Sustainability in Wind Europe, in which the topic of blade recycling is addressed in a cross-sector approach.