Wind energy boosts economic recovery and benefits communities

Today is the 15th of June, it’s Global Wind Day! A celebration of wind energy, what it brigs to communities and contributes to our post COVID economic recovery.

On this occasion WindEurope CEO Giles Dickson is visiting the ZF generator factory in Lommel, Belgium together with the Belgian Minister of Energy Tinne Van der Straeten.

“Wind energy is good for the environment and it helps drive economic recovery. Wind contributes €37bn to EU GDP and supports 300,000 jobs in Europe. Every new wind turbine generates on average €10m of economic activity. The ZF factory here in Lommel is just one of 248 factories in Europe producing something for wind energy. Together they represent the technological excellence and international competitiveness of European wind turbine manufacturing”, says Giles Dickson, CEO of WindEurope

ZF has recently produced its 3000th SHIFT 4K gearbox here which is one of ZF’s innovative modular gearbox platforms. This highly scalable platform enables new innovative turbine designs for future turbine models and facilitated further cost reduction for wind energy.

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