Statkraft advances in the development of the Leon Barjas wind farm

This project plans to install 22 wind turbines of 5.5 MW each, which will provide the park with a total installed power of 121 MW.

In this way, Statkraft works for the transition towards a sustainable energy model, and contributes to the Comprehensive Energy and Climate Plan (PNIEC) which, among other measures, foresees that by 2030 renewables will provide 42% of the energy in Spain.

The production of this park will supply 100,000 homes with 100% renewable energy, avoiding the emission of around 112,000 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere. It is also estimated that 180 jobs will be created during the construction phase of the project, for which Statkraft will prioritize local hiring, a common practice in all its projects. The park is located in the province of León and the evacuation line to the interconnection substation of the Project runs through the provinces of León, Lugo and Ourense.

According to the studies carried out to date, the environmental impact of this park is moderate and, to guarantee its respect for the environment and productivity, the project will have the latest technology on the market. In addition, with a total investment of approximately 5.5 million euros, environmental monitoring programs will be implemented, both in the construction and exploitation periods, and an environmental restoration program at the end of construction.

In addition, the park’s medium voltage collector system will be underground and the energy will be transferred to the “Barjas” transformer substation. The project will also have a 220 kV high voltage line to transfer the energy generated from the “Barjas” substation to the “Trives” transmission station, owned by REE.

Statkraft has extensive experience in wind and solar: it has been developing projects of this type of energy globally for more than twenty years, contributing significantly to reaching its goal of reaching 8 GW of wind and solar globally by 2025 This sector is important for Spain because wind energy projects employ thousands of people through the construction and contracting of suppliers and services.