Avintia Energía will develop 150 MW of wind energy in Ourense and Lugo

Avintia Energía, a division of Grupo Avintia focused on renewable energies, is developing three 5 0MW wind farms in the towns of Quiroga, Villamartín de Valdeorras and A Rúa in Ourense and Lugo with a construction budget of 120 million euros, in a firm commitment to sustainable development in this Galician province. The three parks will create more than 180 direct jobs during construction and will achieve a powerful economic impact in the region in the form of taxes for building licenses, on real estate with special characteristics and also for the owners of the neighboring mountains where the wind turbines will be placed. , which will benefit from the rental income from the land.

The three projects are following a scrupulous environmental impact study that shows that they are compatible with the environment and respect their surroundings. In fact, the design of the parks has been carried out under the premises of minimal environmental impact, grouping in a single substation the different transformers and independent disconnectors of each park, making a single evacuation line that is capable of collecting all the energy discharged by these wind farms, instead of making three independent ones. In addition, the wind farms will have the latest technology available in mitigation measures.

As José Castelo, CEO of Avintia Energía points out, “currently, the energy sector is going through a phase of modernization and transition in Spain, based on increasing sustainability, in order to respond to an increasingly more high demand from the market and generate value for society by helping to comply with the National Energy and Climate Plan 2021-2030 (PNIEC) ”. This transition of what constitutes one of the most resilient sectors to the crisis caused by COVID-19, called to be the tractor of economic recovery and which currently represents more than 1% of GDP, will also generate “jobs highly qualified work in development, engineering, construction, operation and maintenance and administration of power plants at the state level ”, adds the manager.