EnerOcean projects 180MW of floating offshore wind energy in the Canary Islands

The floating offshore wind energy developer EnerOcean requests the construction of two wind farms off Gran Canaria. The wind power projects would consist of up to 15 floating wind turbines.
EnerOcean has reported the launch in Gran Canaria of CANARRAY, two floating offshore wind farm projects with the W2Power bi-turbine platform. This patented technology, W2Power, offers the lowest cost floating wind solution for the energy produced. In addition, it was recognized as the best European marine energy project in the Atlantic area, due to its relevance to the EU Atlantic Strategy.

CANARRAYS, S.L., a company belonging to the Spanish company EnerOcean, has submitted the requests for the scope of environmental impact of the projects to MITECO.

These offshore wind farms, CANARRAY I and CANARRAY II, total 180MW between them and are the continuity of the work of the EnerOcean company. The company had already advanced its intention to install a four-platform park with a pair of wind turbines and up to 12 MW per platform. With the presentation of this documentation, the process for the approval of the EIA (Environmental Impact Study) of both parks begins.

The park technology is the patented W2Power. It offers two pro-platform wind turbines; greater power generation power without the need to increase the use of steel in its construction; and as a result, a lower cost floating solution for deepwater wind power generation.

In fact, EnerOcean has been testing the technology in waters of the archipelago for several years. Now, with the presentation to MITECO, the ministry will have the necessary information and observations on both deepwater wind farms. This will guarantee a solid environmental impact report, in addition to having the collaboration of the administrations involved.
CANARRAY projects

Both projects, CANARRAY I and II, could be installed in the second half of 2023 and during 2024, respectively. Of course, if the deadlines are as planned and do not have any delay.