Iberdrola starts a 79 MW wind energy complex between Malaga and Seville, in Andalusia

The first of the parks to be developed, the El Puntal II wind farm, will have the largest wind turbines installed in Spain. The execution of the complex will mobilize suppliers and local employment, estimating the involvement of more than 150 people.
The company, a leader in the generation of wind energy in the region, plans to triple its renewable installed capacity in five years to 3,000 MW.

Iberdrola continues to advance in its investment plans in renewables to continue promoting the energy transition and with it the recovery of the economy and employment. The company has started the construction of a wind farm, made up of three wind farms, located between the provinces of Malaga and Seville, in Andalusia, which will have a total capacity of 79 MW.

The first of the wind farms to start their development will be the El Puntal II wind project, with 15 MW, which will be built in the municipality of Sierra de las Yeguas, in Malaga. The facility will have three SG145-5 MW wind turbines, with a power of 5 MW each, which make it the most powerful installed in Spain.

The second of the parks, that of Martín de la Jara, with 36 MW of installed power, is located in this municipality of Seville and will be made up of 9 V150-4MW wind turbines.

In the Sevillian municipality of Estepa, Iberdrola will develop the 28 MW San Cristóbal wind farm, made up of 4 4.5 MW and 2 5 MW wind turbines.

The construction of these wind projects will mobilize suppliers and local employment, estimating the involvement of more than 150 professionals. Once in operation, the parks will generate clean energy to supply an equivalent population of 70,000 homes and will avoid the emission of 39,200 tons of CO2 per year.

Triple the renewable capacity in the region to 3,000 MW

Andalusia has become one of the largest growth poles for Iberdrola in Spain. The company is already a leader in the generation of clean and green energy in the region, with nearly more than 900 MW installed, and plans to triple its installed renewable capacity in the next five years to 3,000 MW, thus contributing to the energy transition and the economic recovery and employment.

This plan represents an investment of around 1,500 million euros and will create, only in the installation and assembly phase, 5,500 new jobs in the region.

Iberdrola together with Fertiberia have projected the development of 800 MW of green hydrogen – it would be equivalent to 20% of the national objective – in four phases, two of which would be carried out at the facilities of the fertilizer company in Palos de la Frontera (Huelva).

The initiative as a whole represents an investment of 1.8 billion euros and could make our country an industrial leader in the green hydrogen sector and the first with 100% production of ammonia for completely green fertilizers.

With these projects, it would contribute to the development of the entire value chain, creating almost 4,000 qualified jobs -2,000 of them already in 2023-, through 500 local suppliers.

Green investments to promote economic recovery and employment

Iberdrola is convinced that the energy transition can act as a key driving agent in the transformation of the industrial fabric and in the green recovery of the economy and employment. To do this, the company has launched an investment plan of 75,000 million euros for the period 2020-2025, with the aim of doubling its renewable capacity and taking advantage of the opportunities of the energy revolution facing the main economies of the world.

Investments in Spain for the period amount to about 14,300 million euros and half -more than 7,000 million euros- will go to the development of new renewable projects, while more than 4,500 million will go to strengthen and continue digitizing the electrical networks.

After twenty years promoting the energy transition, Iberdrola is the leader in renewable energy in our country, with an installed capacity of more than 16,700 renewable MW as of September 2020; a volume that in the world rises to almost 35,000 MW, making its generation park one of the cleanest in the energy sector.

With CO2 / kWh emissions that are already two-thirds lower than the European average, the investment strategy in clean energy and networks will lead Iberdrola to be a “carbon neutral” company in Europe by 2030.