Castilla-La Mancha ends 2020 with 75 percent of its electrical energy from solar and wind power

The Minister of Sustainable Development, José Luis Escudero, highlighted that last year the installed capacity from ‘clean’ energies increased by 600 MW, which has involved investments of close to 700 million euros and the generation of approximately 3,000 jobs.

The regional government is working on the preparation of the Strategic Plan for the Energy Development of Castilla-La Mancha Horizon 2030, which will have an economic impact of more than 20,200 million and will generate more than 13,000 jobs per year.

In addition, the Executive will promote the Castilla-La Mancha Biomass Strategy in 2021. It is one of the most important renewable energy sources in the region with about 165 companies working along its value chain, “with what this implies when it comes to setting population and promoting the development of rural areas. in which they settle ”, Escudero stated.

The Minister of Sustainable Development, José Luis Escudero, visited the Biomasa Biocercam SL company this Saturday morning, located in the Guadalajaran town of Humanes and dedicated to the production and distribution of solid biofuels for the generation of renewable thermal energy.

Escudero, who has been accompanied by the delegate of the Community Board in the province, Eusebio Robles; the delegate of Sustainable Development in Guadalajara, José Luis Tenorio; and the mayor of Humanes, Elena Cañeque, wanted to highlight the importance for the Government of Castilla-La Mancha to make efficient use of energy that ensures the future of the planet and facilitates the transition to a decarbonized energy model, ” circumstances that are already allowing us to be an economically, environmentally and humanly sustainable region ”.

The holder of Sustainable Development, who has made these statements regarding the celebration, tomorrow, Sunday, February 14, of World Energy Day, has stressed that the Executive chaired by Emiliano García-Page has decided to “make a clear commitment to the generation of renewable energies in our territory, while we promote energy efficiency and electricity self-consumption ”.

He has emphasized that this statement, “is not just words, but numbers support us; the effort has been significant, since we calculate that in just a year and a half of the legislature we have been able to attract private investments close to 700 million euros that have generated approximately 3,000 direct jobs during the construction of power generating plants from renewable sources ”.

Castilla-La Mancha ended 2020 as a leading region in the generation of ‘renewables’

José Luis Escudero has given an account of the situation in which the region finds itself with respect to the generation of renewable energies once the year 2020 has concluded. “We continue to grow in installed power of clean energies in our region,” he said. Thus, during 2020, Castilla-La Mancha had increased its renewable installed power by 600 MW, already reaching 6,964 MW, “or what is the same, 75 percent of the total installed electrical power in the region comes from sources renewable, 24 percent more than the national average ”, he highlighted.

According to the typology of renewable energies, in photovoltaic Castilla-La Mancha is a leading community in installed power with 1,947 MW. Meanwhile, in wind energy, with 3,878 MW; in thermosolar with 349 MW; and in the category “other renewables” (biomass, biogas and geothermal) with 140 MW, it ranks third in the ‘national ranking’ in installed power of energies from renewable sources.

For the year 2021, the forecast is to be able to increase the installed power from clean energies by 1,100 MW, thanks to an estimate of 550 million euros in investments that could generate more than 2,000 direct jobs during the construction of new plants. “These numbers are a faithful reflection of the impulse that we give to renewables from this Executive”, has valued Escudero.

Horizon 2030 Energy Plan: 20,200 million in investment and more than 13,000 jobs

The Minister of Sustainable Development has reported that “from the regional government we continue working on the preparation of the Strategic Plan for the Energy Development of Castilla-La Mancha Horizon 2030, which will have an economic impact of more than 20,200 million euros in investments and will generate about 13,000 jobs per year ”. “It will be a key element that will accelerate the energy transition in our region,” he emphasized.

Likewise, he pointed out that measures continue to be adopted to speed up the processing of the multitude of projects related to clean energies that reach the Ministry, which is why it has been decided to “reinforce, in the last month, the technical cabinet that is in charge to process the files always ensuring the protection of the environment. Thus, to the 34 people who made up the technical team, 41 new professionals are added, thus doubling the team, reaching 75 professionals today ”, after investing more than 900,000 thousand euros in hiring personnel.

And he also recalled that, in this matter, “from the Government we want to lead by example and therefore in 2020 the decision was made to invest 90 million euros so that all the buildings of the Board of Communities and autonomous bodies are supplied with green energy, to which the province of Guadalajara has just been added ”.