Wind Farm that provides wind energy in Argentina inaugurated

This Friday the official inauguration of the Miramar Wind Farm, located at kilometer 50 of Route 88, was held.

It should be noted that the plant, which is capable of producing electricity for 100,000 inhabitants and which already has 98.6 MW of injection into the system, has been operating since November 26.

In this case, the official opening ceremony was held with the presence of the municipal mayor, Sebastián Ianantuony; Rubén Sánchez Castro, vice president of execution of Goldwind, the company responsible for the project; representatives of the Chinese and Argentine embassies in both countries; and through videos, Wu Gang, president of Goldwind Group and Xiao Lijun, president of Bank of China, left their message.

According to the newspaper La Capital de Mar del Plata, the imposing work for which the millionaire figure of 215 million dollars was invested and is expected to remain active for at least 2 decades, has 29 towers with about 110 meters in length and each with 3 blades of 70 meters, which will produce clean and sustainable energy, which is distributed through the high voltage network and from there to the national interconnected.

These wind turbines have the particularity that they do not have a multiplier box but rather have permanent magnet technology. They were manufactured in China and crossed the entire Atlantic Ocean by boat until they reached the port of Quequén, where they were then transported by trucks to the “La Rosa Blanca” ranch – where the work is located -, to be put into operation.

Within the property there are 14 kilometers of internal dirt roads, 29 foundations of 850 cubic meters underground and the elevator substation that carries energy from 33 to 132 kW to connect to the transmission line of the Argentine electrical system.