Green Fund Power List 2020 ranks the fund managers shaping the energy transition

Renewable energy has proven a particularly resilient asset class throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, with the exit from this crisis increasingly defined by demands for a green recovery and greater focus on ESG commitments. However, this does not mean that 2020 has elicited an easily navigable environment for renewable energy investors – with regional shifts in areas such as subsidy and risk management creating challenges for fund managers across the globe.

This is according to the Green Fund Power List, the latest report published by industry intelligence service and membership community A Word About Wind. The report ranks the 100 most influential individuals that direct investment in the renewable energy space – particularly wind, solar and storage – via pure renewables or ESG funds. The report also shines a light on factors that have influenced investment in 2020 and look set to shape the market through 2021 and beyond.

Richard Heap, Editor-in-Chief, A Word About Wind, said: “If we can only choose one word to characterize 2020 as a whole, that word would be ‘risk’. Covid-19 aside, this year has seen fund managers grappling with greater volatility around merchant risk – either as a direct result of markets moving away from a subsidy-based environment or established trading relationships, or as a result of regulatory uncertainty. Regardless of its source, risk will continue to present an evolving set of challenges for investors. 

“That said, 2020 also represents a year of great change for investors. The emergence of utility-scale storage as a proven, pairable technology for solar and wind has tempted large established funds away from wind- and solar-centric strategies. This progression indicates a growing sense of comfort with storage as a profitable investment prospect, something that will drive the technical evolution of this important technology – not to mention unlock more investment.”

“Through the Green Fund Power List, we want to recognize those top 100 individuals who are making the biggest impact as fund managers grapple with these trends. Specifically, we want to celebrate those who direct significant investment into renewables projects or platforms via green funds while also giving investors access to green investment options. These people – now, more than ever – are shaping the uptake of renewable energy across the globe.” 

The Green Fund Power List 2020 is the latest in a series of reports published exclusively by A Word About Wind, a rapidly expanding international membership network for renewable energy financiers and investors. The membership, which comprises financiers, investors, developers and owner/operator companies working throughout the global wind power supply chain, delivers market insight and analysis, as well as regular programme of international events – including the Financing Wind North America and Europe conferences and Wind Investment Awards.

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