500th V164 nacelle produced at Lindø facility

500th nacelle from MHI Vestas’ V164 turbine line has now been assembled and rolled out of the company’s Lindø facility in preparation for installation in UK waters.

In a major milestone for MHI Vestas Offshore Wind (MHI Vestas), the 500th V164 nacelle produced by the company at its facility in Lindø has now been assembled and rolled out of the facility in preparation for installation.

The 500th nacelle is among those being shipped to the UK for installation in 2021. One nacelle can supply over 6,000 Danish households with clean, renewable electricity.

MHI Vestas’ Lindø factory has been steadily producing V164 nacelles since 2014, and currently employs 455 people. The nacelle factory is among MHI Vestas’ three Danish manufacturing sites, along with its blade factory at Nakskov and power conversion module (PCM) factory at Esbjerg.

“We are delighted to mark this milestone, having assembled the 500th V164 nacelle at Lindø,” said Martin Bjerregaard, Lindø Factory Director at MHI Vestas. “Our 455 employees at Lindø can all be proud of their contribution to this achievement. After several years of producing V164 nacelles, I can safely say this is among the safest, most efficient and one of the most advanced nacelle assembly factories in the world. The 500th V164 nacelle is a symbol of that progress.”

The Lindø factory, built on the site of a former shipyard that was later occupied by Maersk, has become a major part of the local community. In the 6 years since MHI Vestas has occupied the site, the company has become the largest private employer in the area and primarily hires and trains local workers in offshore wind nacelle assembly methods.

“In Kerteminde Municipality we do all we can to support local companies,” said Kerteminde Municipality Mayor Kasper Ejsing Olesen. “We hope that the success of MHI Vestas will continue in the coming years, that it will continue to have a positive impact on our municipality, and we as a municipality will do what we can to enable their success. Kerteminde Municipality has a unique industrial area in Lindø Port of Odense. There are only a few places in northern Europe that can handle heavy industry like Lindø Port of Odense and we welcome companies like MHI Vestas with open arms.“

MHI Vestas also works closely with the Lindø Offshore Renewables Center (LORC) nearby the manufacturing site, creating an ecosystem of offshore wind innovation in Denmark.

The 500th V164 nacelle will now be prepared for transport to the UK on MHI Vestas’ purpose-built BoldWind vessel.