Ferrovial will build and install a floating offshore wind energy platform in the Basque Country

Ferrovial announced on Wednesday that it has been awarded the construction and assembly of a prestressed concrete floating offshore wind platform in the Basque Country.

The platform, with dimensions of 30 meters wide by 64 meters long, will be installed with a turbine included in a test field 2 miles off the coast of Vizcaya, with the construction and anchoring process expected to be completed in 2022, he said. Ferrovial in a press release https://newsroom.ferrovial.com/es/noticias/ferrrovial-plataforma-pais-vasco on its website.

The contract, which represents the entry of the Spanish infrastructure group into the floating wind energy business, has been signed with the Spanish company Saitec Offshore Technologies and the German group RWE Renewables and is part of its DemoSATH pilot project, which seeks new ways to install and operate deepwater offshore wind farms affordably, Ferrovial said.

“This project has a great component of innovation, not only because of the materials but also because of the manufacturing and assembly processes that it will develop,” said Alberto Val, Ferrovial’s construction manager in the Basque Country, in a note https: // saitec -offshore.com/demosath-construction-is-set-to-begin published on the Saitec Offshore website.