Spain, 2,000 MW more of wind energy and solar power

Spain welcomes more than 2,000 new MW of renewable installed power in the first nine months of 2020, once again demonstrating progress towards a greener, decarbonized and sustainable electricity system.

So far in 2020 the national electricity system has installed a total of 2,114 MW of new renewable generation power from wind and solar photovoltaic, two technologies that have advanced in these first nine months of the year to technologies such as combined cycle and coal , respectively.

Thus, Spain already has 111,251 MW of electricity generation, of which 51.7% belong to renewables and 61.1% to clean technologies or that do not emit CO2 equivalent. In the last three years, the presence of renewable technologies in the installed power structure has increased by 19.5%.

On this occasion, the entry into service of 2,114 new MW of renewable installed power has also been offset by the decrease of 1,283 MW in the coal-fired generation park, as a result of the application of the European Commission directive on large combustion facilities (Large Combustion Plants Directive) which requires investments in pollutant gas purification equipment.

Wind power, which from January to September 2020 adds a total of 818 new MW, has become the leading technology in the generation park in our country, and represents almost a quarter of the total. The climatic conditions and the increase in the installed capacity of this technology has meant that a fifth of the electricity production between January and September of this year has its origin in the wind.

For its part, solar photovoltaic, which already surpassed nuclear in 2019, continues to climb positions and this summer has been ahead of coal. In just nine months, the installed capacity of this technology has experienced a 14.5% increase compared to December 2019 and is now, with 10,210 MW of generation capacity, the fourth with the largest presence nationwide.

The impulse of the solar is Andalusian
Andalusia has been the region where more renewable installed power has been installed until September 30, with a total of 544 MW of which the vast majority (517 MW) belong to photovoltaic solar panels. With 2,301 MW of solar photovoltaic installed in the autonomous community, it is the one with the largest presence of this technology in its territory, accounting for almost a quarter of the installed capacity of this technology in our country.