Wind power in Pakistan, Siemens Gamesa supplies wind turbines to eight wind farms

The company has closed orders for a total of 260 MW of wind energy in the last quarter of the fiscal year (June-September), in addition to the 150 MW signed since the year began.
In total, 205 wind turbines will be installed on the Siemens Gamesa 2.X platform.
In this way, the company becomes one of the leading manufacturers in the growing Pakistani energy market.

Siemens Gamesa has secured a series of orders for eight new wind farms in Pakistan during the company’s 2020 fiscal year, totalling 410 MW. These projects will position the company as one of the leading players in Pakistan’s nascent wind energy market.

The central Asian country is rigorously building out electricity generating capacity, battling power blackouts. Partnering with an Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) contractor, Siemens Gamesa will supply, install and commission a total of 205 units of Siemens Gamesa 2.X turbines for eight projects with a combined capacity of 410 MW*. Of the eight wind farms package, two projects have already started construction, with commissioning expected in November 2020 and February 2021 respectively.

When fully operational at the end of 2021, these eight wind farms will generate enough electricity to cover the annual needs of up to 600,000 local households with clean and affordable electricity, significantly alleviating the power shortage in Pakistan where 40 million residents have no access to electricity supply.

“As a global pioneer of wind solutions, Siemens Gamesa has a track record of bringing innovative technologies to developing markets across the globe. We’re pleased with the impact and partnership we have been able to make in Pakistan,” said Enrique Pedrosa, Chief Regions Officer of Siemens Gamesa’s Onshore business unit.

“Renewables are at the centre of the global energy transition and will play an essential role in economic recovery post Covid-19. We’re well positioned and committed to bringing more sustainable and affordable clean energy for generations to come in Pakistan,” he added.

Siemens Gamesa signed its first project in Pakistan (50 MW) three years ago. These new eight projects are a giant step in the company’s commitment to being one of the main drivers of sustainable development in the country.

As a country heavily reliant on imported natural gas and oil for power generation, Pakistan is now promoting renewable sources with a focus on wind and solar, which are now the cheapest sources of power in the country. The Pakistani government aims to boost modern renewable energy in its energy mix to 30% by 2030.

Siemens Gamesa has grown in the Asia Pacific region since the 1980s and has now installed more than 8.5 GW of onshore turbines in China, Pakistan, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Australia and New Zealand. On the offshore side, the company completed the installation of Taiwan’s first offshore wind power project in 2019 (128 MW) and in addition reached close to 2 GW of firm orders in the island.

* 50 MW booked in Q1FY20, 50 MW booked in Q2FY20, 50 MW booked in Q3FY20, 260 MW booked in Q4 FY20.