The manufacturer Aeris of wind turbine blades in Ceará will be listed on the stock exchange

The expectation is that the wind energy company Aeris will collect around R $ 1 billion. According to the company, the funds will be used to expand production capacity and modernize the blade manufacturing facilities for wind turbines.
Following the wave of companies entering the stock market, Aeris, Brazil’s largest producer of wind blades, should be the next company in Ceará to go public. The expectation is that the IPO (initial public offering, in the acronym in English) will take place at the end of the year with the raising of more than R $ 1 billion. With the entry into the capital market, Aeris will be part of the group formed by M. Dias Branco, Hapvida, Arco Educação and Pague menos de Ceará, which carried out its IPO at the beginning of September. The value of the shares should be listed at the end of October.

The Company intends to use the net proceeds of the IPO to expand the Company’s production capacity and modernize its current manufacturing facilities and production support processes, as set out in the draft public offering prospectus. The offer is coordinated by the banks BTG Pactual, Morgan Stanley, Santander, Citigroup, Safra and XP Investimentos.

“Aeris is the largest producer of the wind energy segment in the country, it is in an expanding market, with a prospect of growth in its exports, in operations with the main international operators. So, the expectation is very good, which strengthens another segment of our economy, “says Coimbra. This generates a positive outlook for other companies in Ceará to organize and structure themselves to seek growth and leverage in the capital market.”

With around 5,200 employees, Aeris has a client portfolio that includes large multinationals such as Vestas Wind Systems, General Electric Renewable Energy, Nordex-Acciona Windpower and WEG. Aeris has two manufacturing units, located in the Pecém Industrial and Port Complex (Cipp). According to the company, the choice of the location was motivated by the reduction of logistics costs, since 70% of the Brazilian wind power potential is less than 500 kilometers from the factories and the proximity of Porto do Pecém, used to export blades and receive tickets.

Aeris is one of the leading Brazilian and global producers of wind turbine blades for the world’s leading manufacturers of wind power generating (OEM) wind turbines. The Company has two industrial units with a total annual production capacity of more than 4,000 blades in 2020, and as of 2018 it began to export a large part of its production. In the first half of 2020, the sale of wind turbines represented 97.3% of the company’s net operating income, which totaled R $ 752.9 million in the period.

In its ten years of operation, the company has been serving the national and international market, having as clients the main manufacturers of wind turbines in the world. Among the four largest global manufacturers, excluding the Chinese market, the company has a relationship with everyone, having delivered more than 10,000 wind turbine blades to date.