Wind energy will inject more than 230 million euros in Catalan municipalities

Catalan city councils, together with private owners, who have wind energy installations in their municipal area will collect 237.8 million for this infrastructure together this year, as reported this Friday by the wind energy association EOLICAT.

The entity details in a statement that the figure of 237.8 million is the result of the sum of the 148.1 million euros in taxes that will be collected by the municipalities (ICIO, IAE and BICE) and the 89.7 million that correspond to the rental of the land where the wind turbines are installed during their 25 years of useful life.

The municipalities of La Segarra will receive the most income, with 100.3 million, followed by those of Anoia (44.2); the Ribera de Ebre (31.3); the Conca de Barberà (25.6); the Solsonès (14.4); the Terra Alta (13.8); the Baix Camp (4.6); and, finally, the municipalities of Baix Ebre (3.6), as EOLICAT has explained.

In addition to the revenues, these projects are estimated to provide 218 permanent jobs and 270 jobs for the construction of the parks during two and a half years of installation.

In addition, the design and manufacture of equipment involves 650 people and an income of 12.3 million euros, with contributions to Social Security of 4 million, EOLICAT has assured.