Ceará signs with Mingyang memorandum for offshore wind energy production

It is the fifth project to build a wind power plant from wind turbines in the sea. According to the Atlas of the Wind Energy and Solar Power Potential of Ceará, the wind power potential of Ceará is 117 GW.

The governor of Ceará, Camilo Santana, signed a memorandum of understanding between the state and the Chinese company Mingyang Smart Energy. The objective is the implementation of a Offshore Wind Farm in Ceará. The firm will carry out in the afternoon the jueves (10) and it will be published in the twitter of the governor.
In his social networks, the governor comments that the state has “very big” potential for the production of wind energy. In addition, we note that the loan will guarantee the growth of the State in this segment.
“The Mingyang company will guarantee the growth of a new state in this area, in addition to generating income for the people of Ceará”, says the manager in a publication on social networks.
Camilo Santana says that the initiative is a way to attract new investments to Ceará. We continue to work to attract new investments to the state”, comments the publication.
Founded in 1993, with headquarters in Zhongshan Guangdong, China, Mingyang Smart Energy is a manufacturer of first class wind turbines and a provider of integrated clean energy solutions. The company has a thousand employees and 16 factories located in China and India. It operates in the sectors of wind power and solar energy, occupying the 37th position among the 500 largest companies of new energy in the world and the 1st in offshore wind energy innovation.