AES Tietê and Unipar will invest R $ 1.29 billion in wind energy in Brazil (Bahia)

AES Tietê and Unipar plan to invest R $ 1.29 billion in the construction project of a wind power park in Bahia, said the financial director of AES, Clarissa Sadock.

To finance the installation of wind turbines, AES Tietê does not rule out issuing infrastructure debentures, he said. Of the total, R $ 620 million of the investment will be divided equally between the two partner companies of the joint venture and R $ 670 million will be invested by AES Tietê, said Clarissa, adding that the company has already requested a loan with BNB and BNDES .

“The pandemic did not affect the liquidity of infrastructure obligations,” he said.

The companies confirmed the creation of the UTE on September 3, for the construction of the wind farm in the municipalities of Tucano, Biritinga and Araci, which is scheduled to start in 2021. The plan is to have 155 megawatts (MW) of installed wind energy capacity , with 60 MW already marketed with Unipar itself through a 20-year contract, which will come into effect from 2023, according to AES.

AES Tietê plans to produce energy using only 100% renewable sources and therefore does not rule out buying more solar and wind energy assets, preferably, said President Italo Freitas. At the beginning of August, the company closed the acquisition of 3 wind farms from J. Malucelli for R $ 650 million.

“This is a global strategy of AES Corp and Brazil, with an energy matrix with more than 80% of hydroelectric energy, and with a very large wind power and solar penetration, it creates all the conditions for a company to be 100% renewable”, Freitas said. , adding that customers have also demanded the same.

“In the free energy market, the price is not enough, it must also be renewable,” he said.

AES Tietê has paid 100% of the result in dividends for more than 10 years and intends to maintain this practice, despite the economic crisis with the coronavirus, said the CFO. The capital expenditure expected for the 2020-2024 period, of R $ 1.4 billion, will also be maintained, Clarissa said, adding that there is no immediate need for fundraising.

“Our financial situation is comfortable. The R $ 500 million of working capital taken from the banks to reinforce cash at the beginning of the pandemic was not used, ”he said.

AES has plans to migrate to the segment with the highest corporate governance, the so-called Novo Mercado of B3, in early 2021. The increase in the stake of the parent company of AES Corp to 43% of the total capital brought more “comfort” for the exchange of Actions. Clarissa said. The exchange, according to her, should be carried out in the ratio of 1 PN to 1 NO. BNDES still owns 9.9% of the company, Clarissa said.