Wind energy in Cantabria, Capital Energy wind farm projects

Capital Energy receives support from the regional government for its wind power projects in Valdeolea and Aguayo.
The Government of Cantabria has conveyed to Capital Energy business representatives its support for renewable energies and its interest in facilitating the procedures for wind projects that are in their final stretch, “always within the established legal framework.”

The directors responsible for Industry and the Environment, Francisco Martín and Guillermo Blanco, respectively, have conveyed this message to the CEO of Capital Energy, Juan José Sánchez and to the director of Development, Ricardo Fernández, during a meeting held at the headquarters of the Cantabrian Government in the PCTCAN, adding that the Executive is working with the conviction of speeding up deadlines and procedures, which tend to be very complicated, both technically and administratively, but with the aim of providing certainty, both to businessmen in the sector and to Cantabrian interests.

The meeting has shown the interest and proactive attitude of both Ministries and their respective technicians to carry out the wind projects that are currently being processed in Cantabria, and that specifically are 20 distributed in the municipalities of San Miguel de Aguayo, Valdeolea and Solórzano. Some of these projects are already in the final stages and it has been agreed to go hand in hand in the final reports to ask for all the information required in their processing, “as long as they are within the legal framework.”

The directors have also been interested in the capacity of the company from the point of view of energy accumulation, since they are specialists in renewable energy projects manageable with large-scale energy storage and green hydrogen, and the reuse of infrastructure underground mining basins for the same purpose.

The business representatives have conveyed to the directors the characteristics of Cantabria, which due to its orography has “a good wind resource”. They have also explained that the company intends to position itself in the storage sector, a strategic sector with high potential value, and provide R&D solutions such as the replacement of thermal power plants with power-to-power storage solutions, reuse of mining basins for storage energy, network service in renewable congestion areas to support industries and port areas and production of renewable hydrogen for industry.

Capital Energy is an electric company for the development and promotion of renewable energies and one of the largest wind and photovoltaic platforms in the Iberian Peninsula, with more than 18 years of experience. It has 13 offices and 200 employees and a presence in 500 municipalities in Spain and Portugal.

The directors’ meeting with the representatives of Capital Energy was also attended by the general director of Industry, Energy and Mines, Raúl Pelayo, and the general director of Biodiversity, Environment and Climate Change, Antonio Lucio.