Offshore wind energy project in Rio Grande do Norte in Brazil

The proposal aims to implement an offshore wind farm in Rio Grande do Norte, with an area of ??300 km², 52 wind turbines with 12 MW of installed power, in addition to two electrical substations

The construction wind power project of an offshore wind farm in Rio Grande do Norte is getting closer and closer to completion. BI Energia presented details of the scope of the proposal to the State Government and it was established that the Memorandum of Understanding between the interested parties will be signed within two weeks.
Among other issues, Bi Energia representatives addressed issues and licenses to be followed by environmental agencies, such as Idema (Institute for Sustainable Development and Environment of Rio Grande do Norte) and Ibama (Brazilian Institute of Environment and Natural Resources).
According to the engineer and company representative Lúcio Bomfim, to start the works of the offshore wind farm, it will take two to three years, with the release of Ibama, a mandate, a public hearing with the communities and an executive project.
The objective of the offshore wind energy project is to implement a wind farm on the coast of Touros, São Miguel do Gostoso and Pedra Grande, cities of Rio Grande do Norte, with an area of ??300 km², 52 wind turbines with 12 MW of installed power, totaling 624 MW, in addition to two electrical substations. According to Bi Energia, it is estimated that 3.1 thousand Gwh / year will be generated.
Wind power potential in Rio Grande do Norte

Rio Grande do Norte is one of the northeastern states of Brazil with the greatest potential to host wind energy projects in the country. Currently, RN has 164 wind plants in operation, 19 under construction and 84 more contracted projects, in which the works have not yet begun and it has an installed capacity to generate 4,450 MW of wind energy.
According to the state governor, Fátima Bezerra, RN has increased its capacity, including through associations and investments like this one from Bi Energia, and continues to lead the ranking of wind energy production in Brazil.
BI Energia is a special purpose company (SPE) designed to build the first offshore wind farm in Brazil. The company is part of the BI Holding Participações e Investimenos group of companies that focuses on the production and generation of energy.
The BI Energia project is located in Caucaia-CE, between the ports of Pecém and Mucuripe and is designed to supply approximately 25% of the State’s energy needs. This experience with projects in Ceará accelerated the offshore wind projects in Rio Grande do Norte.