Solar and wind energy doubled participation in 5 years

Renewable energies are growing and playing a prominent role in global power matrices. Solar and wind energy have doubled their share in the last 5 years, replacing coal.
Among fossil sources, coal led to the growth of clean energy. However, the pace of growth is important to get closer to the goals of combating climate change. In this way we will avoid greater restrictions to combat the unpredictable effects of global warming.
Renewable energy sources were responsible for 10% of the world’s energy generated in the first half of 2020. While global energy demand decreased by 3% in that period, solar and wind power grew by 14%.
Replacement of coal with modern renewable sources
Decarbonisation in electricity generation is the result of the elimination of coal as an energy source in European countries. Coal resists as an energy source, mainly due to the park installed in China, where it represents 62% of the energy generated. Even in China, coal has been reducing its 68% share five years ago. Renewable sources already represent 10% of the energy generated in China.
However, the growth rate of clean sources such as wind turbines and solar thermal, which replace coal, may not be fast enough. Scientists estimated that the drop in coal use should be at a rate of 13% per year by 2030 to accommodate set climate targets. At the same time, renewable sources should double every 5 years.
China still has a long way to go to clean up its energy matrix. China is responsible for 54% of the world’s coal generation. However, China is not standing still. The Asian giant is a world leader in the manufacture of solar panels and equipment for photovoltaic generation. China dominates more than 80% of the world market. In fact, China dominates about 90% of the world’s photovoltaic solar panel production. The global scale of Chinese production was instrumental in the expansion of solar energy.