#AmericanWindWeek 2020: Businesses power up with wind

Do you know how much of your day is powered by wind? The answer is probably more than you think! To close out #AmericanWindWeek2020, we’re celebrating our corporate buyers of wind power. And here’s a final reminder to visit AmericanWindWeek.org, follow #AmericanWindWeek and #WindBuildsTheFuture on social media, and check out AWEA’s social press kit.

Fortune 500 Companies are building a new way to do business by powering their factories, data centers and stores with wind. Not only does this practice help their bottom line, it’s good stewardship as well.

According to AWEA’s recently released Wind Powers American Business report, corporate customers now represent 40 percent or more of announced wind power contracts in a given year. The amount of corporate wind purchased has grown significantly, jumping from 800 megawatts (MW) at the end of 2013 to over 16,800 MW at the end of 2019, which is a more than twentyfold increase. The sudden increase has to do with the falling costs of wind, down 70 percent since 2009, and a growing demand from customers for companies to be sustainable in their production.

Over 140 corporate customers have contracted at least 16,857 MW of U.S. wind energy, both operating and under development, through the end of 2019. This amounts to enough power for 5.2 million average American homes.

Though technology and retail companies were historically the most common wind investors, the types of companies have vastly diversified as costs have fallen and purchasing options, such as virtual power purchase agreements, have become available. Companies in the retail, food and beverage, and telecommunications sectors have increased significantly in the past few years.  

Wind powering business is now the new normal: it helps brands meet both sustainability and business goals, while being good corporate citizens and retaining brand loyalty from customers who want to see more sustainability initiatives. In a time of global crisis, wind is providing corporate buyers with dependable energy that will allow them to execute their business strategies and come through when their customers need them most.

Nora Zacharski