Concentrated Solar Power Video Tutorial

The tutorial consists of 48 videos in total, grouped in seven thematic blocks. After introducing to the basics of concentrating solar power (CSP), the course units impart substantial knowledge and practical experience about quality control and project planning in CSP plants. The video language is English.

Available on this channel:
Unit 0: Welcome and Introduction
Unit 01: CSP Technologies
Unit 03: Fundamentals of Qualification and Optimization
Unit 04: Measurement Techniques I: Photogrammetry
Unit 05: Measurement Techniques II: Deflectometry
Unit 06: Measurement Techniques III: Thermal Performance Testing
Unit 07: CSP Project Planning
(Not available online is “Unit 02: Solar Resource”.)

To see all available units, go to playlist “CSP Video Tutorial: Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) Basics, Quality Control and Project Planning in Solar Thermal Power Plants”
The video presentations were produced in the year 2012 within the enerMENA project, which spread knowledge on concentrating solar technologies and trained technicians and engineers in the countries of the MENA region (Middle East and North Africa). The project was coordinated by DLR and received funding from the German Foreign Office.

DLR Institute of Solar Research