Wind power in Ecuador, Huascachaca wind farm

Wind energy is that obtained from the wind. It is a type of kinetic energy (energy of movement), produced by the effect of air currents. We can convert it into electricity through an electric generator or wind turbine.

China is the leader in installed wind power in the world, with 31.01%, followed by the United States, Germany, Spain and India. According to official statistics in Ecuador, installed wind power represents only 0.40% of total energy.

The Generating Company of Austro ELECAUSTRO S.A. in December 2008, he identified the possibility of executing a wind development project in the Yuluc parish, Saraguro canton, Loja province, 84 km southwest of the city of Cuenca, on the Cuenca – Pasaje road. The long and rigorous studies, field investigations of the behavior of the wind, confirmed a great potential to generate 50 megawatts, with which electricity will be supplied to 50,000 homes, obtaining an annual average net production of 133 gigawatt hours.

The project in progress includes the road improvement of the area, construction of a 50 m span bridge over the Jubones river, two electrical substations, 16 wind turbines, civil works for the wind farm, medium voltage collector system, social compensation works for Neighboring Communities: Uchucay, Sumaypamba, Yuluc, with a total cost of $ 89,719,000.00 and will operate at the end of next year.

Wind energy became the most efficient technology. It produces electricity in a safe and environmentally sustainable way: emission-free, inexhaustible, competitive and creator of wealth and employment.