Oman explores opportunities for green hydrogen with solar thermal and wind energy

Oman is exploring opportunities in the green hydrogen sector and for this purpose a committee has been set up under the leadership of Oman’s ministry of oil and gas, a senior official at Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) said.

Abdul-Amir Al Ajmi, External Affairs and Value Creation Director at PDO, said, “A committee, led by the ministry of oil and gas involving the ministry of technology and communication, companies operating in the oil and gas sector and academia, is currently studying opportunities in the green hydrogen sector”.

“There is a big focus on hydrogen to power (opportunities) in Oman led by the ministry of oil and gas and facilitated by Ejaad,” Ajmi said speaking at the Oman-Japan Investment Virutal Forum organised by Ithraa last week.

Ejaad is an Oman-based digital platform for academia and industry to collaborate on energy related research and development activities. In January this year, Oman opened the Oman Hydrogen Center at the German University of Technology in coordination with Hydrogen Rise from Germany with an aim to facilitate the development of the hydrogen economy in Oman touted to be valued at $20 billion by 2050.

Ajmi said hydrogen is also one of the legs that PDO is looking into after its transition to Energy Development Oman. In April this year, PDO announced its transition from a fossil -fuels based producer to a full-fledged energy company to cover investments in other areas including renewable and alternative energy resources.

Seeking investments from Japanese companies, Amri said, other projects planned in the alternative energy space include solar power storage, biogas, biofuel, wind power, concentrated solar power (CSP) and solar powered wellheads.

Writing by Sowmya Sundar; Editing by Anoop Menon & Bhaskar Raj