Spain is positioned as the first European country in wind energy production for seven consecutive days

Spain was the largest producer of wind power in the entire European Union for seven consecutive days, specifically from Saturday, July 11 to Friday, July 17, inclusive. Data that can be viewed on the website of the European wind energy association WindEurope, in the Daily Wind Power Numbers section that shows wind production in different European countries on a daily basis and its contribution to the energy mix of each territory. The information provided is extracted every day from 15,000 data points through the ENTSO-E platform.

The first of the days was July 11, where wind energy in Spain produced 212 GWh, ahead of countries such as Germany and the United Kingdom, with 183 GWh and 84 GWh respectively. Regarding the coverage of electricity demand, Spanish wind power covered 33%, a second place in the European ranking led by Denmark with 100% coverage.

And for the rest of the following 6 days, wind power in Spain continued to be the leader in wind production compared to the rest of European countries and in most of the days it was the third country with the highest demand coverage with wind power, and in some of them even the second country.

This is the summary of the data:

July 11
Wind production: 212 GWh (1st place)
Demand coverage: 33% (2nd place)

12th of July
Wind production: 168 GWh (1st place)
Demand coverage: 28% (3rd place)

July 13
Wind production: 187 GWh (1st place)
Demand coverage: 26% (3rd place)

July 14
Wind production: 196 GWh (1st place)
Demand coverage: 27% (3rd place)

July 15
Wind production: 216 GWh (1st place)
Demand coverage: 30% (3rd place)

July 16th
Wind production: 189 GWh (1st place)
Demand coverage: 26% (2nd place)

July 17th
Wind production: 199 GWh (1st place)
Demand coverage: 28% (2nd place)

The following days from July 17 and until yesterday July 20, Spanish wind power has been second in wind power generation, and in demand coverage it has been lowering positions, with the following data:

July 18
Wind production: 75 GWh (2nd place)
Demand coverage: 12% (6th place)

July 19
Wind production: 83 GWh (2nd place)
Demand coverage: 13% (5th place)

July 20th
Wind production: 141 GWh (2nd place)
Demand coverage: 19% (2nd place)