Nordex employees distribute staple foods and protection kits in Brazil

The Nordex Group is aware of its social responsibility for the population in the vicinity of wind farms, and an example of this is Brazil. In view of the Covid-19 pandemic which continues to have a negative impact on the income and livelihoods of many families in the region, employees at the concrete towers plant in Piauí recently distributed basic food and protection kits to the population in the municipalities of Lagoa do Barro and Queimada Nova.

The colleagues distributed 178 basic food packages purchased by Nordex Energy Brasil and 140 protection kits donated by a local supplier to the families in the communities.

“We aim to support local people who may be less fortunate than ourselves and wanted to provide a small contribution in order to possibly help alleviate some of the grave hardship many of these families are currently experiencing. The food packages purchased by the Nordex Group and the protection kits contributed by a local supplier were distributed by our colleagues in their spare time. In doing so, our aim was to provide a little hope and community spirit alongside the offered donations,” José Maria, coordinator of the concrete towers plan in Piauí, explained.

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