Vena Energy has kicked-off construction of the 47 MW Nakasato wind power project in Japan

Vena Energy starts the company’s first wind farm in Japan, the 47 MW Nakasato project in Aomori Prefecture.

Nakasato’s wind turbines have heights of 116.5 meters, making them the most tall wind turbines in Japan to date.

Vena Energy added that so far it has reserved energy sales for the project totaling 36 MW.

During construction, Nakasato will create up to 140 jobs locally and, upon completion, supply clean energy to approximately 22,000 homes.

Vena Energy Japan Chief Juan Mas Valor said: “We are excited to bring our wind energy expertise and sustainability practices to Japan with the Nakasato wind project, and support the Japanese government’s goals in increasing energy participation. wind in the generation mix during the next decade.

“With the Nakasato Project, we hope to deliver clean green energy, as well as strengthen the Nakadomari-machi community through infrastructure for essential services and job creation.

“This project is the result of our close alliances and cooperation with the communities of Aomori Prefecture, and we are grateful for the support and guidance of Nakadomari-machi, the Tohoku Forest Office, Takeuchigumi and all the organizations that have come together here today.”

Nakadomari-machi Mayor Toyomitsu Hamadate said: “Nakadomari-machi is a city known for its agriculture, forestry and fishing, and I am pleased that Vena Energy’s Nakasato wind project is built here, using wind as a natural resource and contributing to the prevention of global warming.

“We look forward to working closely with Vena Energy and its affiliate Nippon Wind Energy as good partners of Nakadomari-machi, for local job creation and long-term sustainability of the local community.”

Vena Energy plans to develop and build 844 MW of wind projects in Japan, while operating and maintaining 23 solar projects with a combined capacity of 414 MW.