Wind energy in Colombia, EPM resumes the operation of the Jepírachi Wind Farm

EPM resumes today the operation of the Jepírachi Wind Farm, in La Guajira, with all the biosecurity protocols to avoid the spread of the coronavirus, which had been suspended since the beginning of the year.

EPM explained that at the beginning of this year, generation with wind turbines in the wind power complex was suspended. The reason was Resolution 060 of 2019 of the Energy and Gas Regulation Commission (CREG), which established the adoption of new technologies and that the wind farm does not comply with its facilities due to its age.

Given the impossibility of technologically updating the wind farm, due to its characteristics, but under the recognition that it could continue operating until the end of its useful life in 2023 without affecting the Electric System, EPM asked the Government to allow it to continue generating temporarily, ”the text reads.

Likewise, it was ensured that the residents of the area of ??influence asked the authorities to reactivate the wind farm to continue working on the various community production projects and maintain employment.

“These efforts took effect and, after authorization from the Government, EPM will be able to restart wind power generation from this Saturday, July 18,” the statement added.

In its financial report for the first quarter of this year, the company had noted that it had an item of 8,727 million pesos for the dismantling of the park.

The infrastructure is the first for the generation of wind energy built in Colombia, and was born as a pilot project within the framework of a strategy, with a long-term vision, that seeks to take advantage of the wind potential in Alta Guajira.

The wind farm began commercial operation on April 27, 2004.