Wind energy in Argentina, Wind farms with Vestas wind turbines begin commercial operations

The administrator of the Argentine wholesale market, Cammesa, authorized the start of commercial operations of two wind farms in the province of Buenos Aires.

The wind power project consists of the San Jorge and El Mataco wind farms, which were originally developed as separate initiatives but later unified by owner Petroquímica Comodoro Rivadavia. Together, they have a capacity of 203 MW and require an estimated investment of US $ 250mn.

The two wind farms were awarded as part of the RenovAr round 2 renewable tender, which means they have a 20-year PPA with Cammesa. The project started operating six months before the deadline specified in its contracts.
The complex is made up of 100.8 MW San Jorge, consisting of 24 Vestas V136 / 4000-4200 wind turbines, and 102.6 El Mataco, of 27 wind turbines of the same model, located about 45 km north of the city from Bahía Blanca, in the south of the province of Buenos Aires.

Construction began in 2018, partly financed by a loan from Itaú Argentina, HSBC Argentina and Banco Galicia with guarantees from the World Bank.

Last year, Petroquímica Comodovoro Rivadavia also began operating its 126 MW Bicentenario wind farm.